Boutique Vans Provides Acessible Tourism for Anyone Who Might Need A Little More Assistance.

Our Assistive Transport Services exist to provide our participants with a specialist transport service for anyone who might need a little more assistance. Our teams are experienced and offer warm, family-orientated services.

All of our tours are Accessible for any and all barriers. 

Experience any of our tours in any region with peace of mind and safe transport.

Wheelchair Møns Klint

Why use us?

  • Wheel chair accessibility at all of our partnering venues
  • Transport in our wheelchair accessible Busses
  • Respectful and well-trained operators,
  • Warm and welcoming 
  • Companion card accepted

More Than Just A Tour Operator

We recognize that one of the barriers to getting out and having fun is access to reliable, cost-efficient transport and offer a variety of transport options to accommodate all Mobility Barriers 

Our Inclusive Tourism services will make mobility easier and safer for your clients and participants. 

Accesible Hot Air Balloon rides

Australia’s first Easy Access Basket (EAB) was launched by Global Ballooning Australia in 2012.

The basket enables passengers with physical mobility impairments to experience the joy of a hot air balloon flight along with their family and friends.

Unlike traditional balloon baskets that require passengers to climb in and out over the edge, the innovative EAB incorporates a door to allow less able-bodied individuals, including those with serious physical disabilities, to enter and exit the basket with ease. The EAB also incorporates customised seating, harness and a grab handle suspended from the burner frame.

  • The basket can hold a maximum of 10 passengers, with the ability to have 2 passengers sitting down (it is a cosy fit if there are 2 passengers sitting)
  • Individuals requiring the use of the EAB are required to share the experience with a carer/helper/friend/family member on the morning, along with other passengers flying in the same basket. If you are travelling independently and do not have a carer to assist you, GBA is required to provide an extra fully trained ground crew to assist you during the experience at a fixed cost AUD210.00. The crew is not to provide any extra lifting or duties they are not trained in and are simply there to assist you in your mobility. Consultation on this will be had prior to the booking being confirmed. Full prepayment and a signed EAB form are required upon booking.
  • If you are in a wheelchair, you will need to transfer from your wheelchair into the basket which has a seat inside it. Unfortunately, Global Ballooning cannot take the wheelchair onboard