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5 Tips To Prepare For A Wine Tour – Boutique Vans

Whether you’re going to go out and grab a new suit or dress for it, or wear one of your favourite dressy outfits, a wine tour is the time for looking your best. Dresses and heels are usually the go for girls, and smart shoes, pants and shirts and jackets are traditional for the guys.

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How to Prepare for a Day of Wine Tasting – Boutique Vans

Wine tours start early, meaning you start tapping into the wines early. To ensure you’re in your finest form, it’s absolutely vital to eat a good brekky before heading off on your big day. In the lead up to the wine tour, it’s good to do a bit of research on the wineries you’re visiting. Make sure you bring a dress coat or jacket if the weather is on the nippier side.

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