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Macedon Ranges Wine Tours


Welcome to the Macedon Ranges

Windy roads that take you through rolling, green hills; charming villages and historic homes; award-winning wineries and gin distilleries at your doorstep… there’s no other place in Australia like the Macedon Ranges. Known for its natural beauty in undulating landscapes, gastronomic significance in eateries and wineries and special atmosphere that is just as vibrant as it is tranquil, the Macedon Ranges is just a one-hour van ride away from Melbourne. Boutique Vans are delighted to show you their Macedon Ranges, have handpicked the best secret spots to spend the day.

What's included?

Seeing the region in its entirety is a big focus for Boutique Vans. There’s so much more to the Macedon Ranges than just its Hanging Rock and we’re excited to give you a comprehensive tour of the region On our unique tour of the Macedon Ranges wine region, on this tour you’ll experience:


    • The stunning natural beauty of the Macedon Ranges area
    • Tastings at three premier wineries
    • Tastings at an esteemed gin distillery
    • Gourmet lunch at a local winery
    • Smooth transport, to and from the region

Sample itinerary

Here’s how a regular day in the Macedon Ranges looks when you book in with Boutique Vans:

  • Sample itinerary

    • 9am: pick up from location
    • 30: arrive at Hanging Rock Winery
    • 11.30: arrive at Hesket Estate, accompanied by a charcuterie platter
    • 12.30: arrive at Animus Distillery Bar for a gin paddle tasting
    • 1.30: lunch at third premium Macedon Ranges winery
    • 2.30: tasting at third premium Macedon Ranges winery
    • 3.30: depart Macedon Ranges
    • 4:30: arrive at the drop-off location

As you can see, we have an epic day planned for you, visiting three amazing local wineries, a gin distillery and lunch.

Macedon Ranges in Summer

Summer is one of the best times to escape the heat of the city and venture up to the Macedon Ranges. It’s one of the region’s most vibrant periods, with events and festivals happening pretty much every weekend. As one of Victoria’s cooler regions (without heading up to Mt Hotham, of course), the Macedon Ranges are rarely affected by the blistering heat we can feel in Melbourne. This makes bus rides, picnics, walking through vineyards and all other activities in the Macedon Ranges an absolute pleasure.

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Cellar Door Etiquette

Want to seem like a total wine buff, even if you’re not? Cellar door etiquette is the best way to show you know your way around a tasting, without coming across pretentious either.

  • Lay off the perfume or cologne
    It may sound strange, and it’s one of the only times wear cologne or perfume is discouraged, but it’s actually good manners to not wear heavy scents when on a wine tour. This is so that other patrons can enjoy the natural aromas of the wine without perfume interfering.
  • There are no silly questions
    Don’t be afraid to ask a question – there are no silly questions whatsoever! Winemakers understand that not everybody is going to be a wine expert and part of their passion lies in education.
  • Buy a bottle if there’s no tasting fee
    Another tip is to buy a bottle, but especially if there’s no tasting fee. A bottle of wine always comes in handy – whether it’s for a Saturday night, a special occasion or as a gift later down the track. And if the winery has been generous enough to hand you some tastings, free of charge, it’s a nice gesture to return the favour and purchase a bottle.
  • Don’t overdo it
    We know the wines are delicious and that it’s an occasion to celebrate, but please try not to overdo it! You’ll thank yourself the day after.

5-Step Guide to Tasting Wine


1) Pick up the glass

Pick it up, but don’t raise it to your lips or scull it straight away! Just wait a few moments and hold it up to the light to inspect its colour.

2) Tilt the glass

Don’t tilt it so much that it spills, but tilt it enough so that you can see the colour variation from the rim to the centre of the glass. Check it out. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, just pretend you do!

Deluxe Yarra Valley Day Tour

3) Sniff Test

Everybody’s favourite part: the sniff test. Here, you’ll get to take in all the lovely aromas of the wine, picking up the different notes: citrusy, earthy, nutty – there are a range of different words to describe the smell of the wine.


4) Swirl it and sniff again

Swirling the wine helps to release the most of its aromas. It also makes you look like a boss and it’s super fun to do.


5) Taste it!

Take a good mouthful and let it sit on your tongue for a split second before letting it slide down your gullet, or spit it out if you’re driving. Take note of the different tones: light or weighty? Fruity or acidic? Bold or mild? You don’t need to know all the lingo; you just need to know whether you like it or it’s not your cup of tea.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience in the beautiful Macedon Ranges, book in with our team at Boutique Vans.

Gin tastings: what to look out for

Gin tastings are a lot like wine tastings. When visiting the Animus Distillery Bar, we like to employ the same 5-step method:


  • Hold it
  • See it
  • Smell it
  • Taste it
  • Enjoy it!


Photo Opportunities

Instagram-able Locations
The moment you’ve been waiting for: our top locations for photos in the Macedon Ranges:


  • Hanging Rock Winery outdoor area
    Overlooking the vineyard and stunning mountain ranges
  • Hesket Estate garden
    Amongst flowerbeds, green grass and vineyards

Choose Boutique Vans for your experience in the Macedon Ranges

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience in the beautiful Macedon Ranges, book in with our team at Boutique Vans. Our aim is to make tours widely available for everybody, guaranteeing a super fun and relaxing experience. Our vans feature assisted transport functions and are a popular choice for NDIS-organised events, offering warm, family-oriented service. So, what are you waiting for? A Boutique Van is somewhere close by, waiting for you and your group to fill it.

Thanks to our partners
Boutique Vans are delighted to bring you to the cellar doors of their partner wineries: Hesket Estate, Hanging Rock Winery, Witchmount Estate and Animus Distillery.