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Welcome to BOUTIQUE VANS We're on the Road Together! Welcome to BOUTIQUE VANS We're on the Road Together! Welcome to BOUTIQUE VANS We're on the Road Together! Welcome to BOUTIQUE VANS We're on the Road Together!

Welcome to  boutique vans

Boutique Vans was founded amidst the COVID pandemic.

Our Founder, Elvis Crook, was lucky enough to be a yearly Europe and US traveller for the past 10 years. With the onset of COVID, Elvis was unable to travel overseas and so started on his journey of travelling Australia. 

Elvis founded Boutique Vans to provide new options to the travel and leisure industry in Australia and New Zealand. 

Whether it be a custom camper van, a group tour or daily rental of our Boutique Vans we have an option for everyone! 

This is our Boutique promise!

What to  expect


Quality Cabinetry


Certified Electrical, Gas and Plumbing


Engineering Certified for Motorhome Registration

Custom Vehicle  Conversions

Born from YOUR love of weekend road trips, Van Go was created for the true explorers among us. Specialising in all things trade, we create unique builds to suit any kind of adventure.

Using innovative designs and creative ideas, we work closely with you to bring your dream vehicle conversion to life, keeping your needs, style and budget in mind. Our services range from creating combined work-and-play style bus & campervans, to full motorhome conversions.

RV or  Camper Van

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Great Service Experience

Quick Roadside Assistance

Affordable & Discounts

Insuranced Vehicles

Relax & Enjoy Holidays

Good luck in your search for a 2nd home

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We take the complete  hassle out of your build journey

Selecting your Vehicle

We will source your Toyota Commuter Bus so you don’t have to do it!

Custom Designed Layouts

Select from one of our tailored vehicle lay outs which have been designed to maximise the available space!

Internal Design

Choose your own colours and styles from our Boutique list of City inspired designs!